Green Tea extract

Green Tea extract is known to protect collagen,
an essential part of the structure of teeth.

Dental research has found that a specific component of green tea called epigallocatechin gallate (eGCG) helps to protect the surface of our teeth by inhibiting the enzymes that break down collagen, which is an integral part of the tooth’s structure.

Further research into green tea extract has found it to also have antimicrobial properties that help to reduce halitosis (commonly known as bad breath).

For Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints, we use a Green Tea extract that contains no caffeine, so that everyone is able to enjoy its benefits.

Calcium phosphate

Calcium and phosphate are parts of the building blocks that form our teeth and bones.

As our teeth are attacked by bacteria, the calcium and phosphate in our teeth are stripped out.

That’s why we included calcium phosphate in Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints’ unique formulation: it helps to repair teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay through the process of remineralisation.


Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables.

To maintain their correct structure, your teeth rely on essential minerals. When they lose these minerals – in a process called demineralisation – it can be the first sign of tooth decay.

Fortunately, in the early stages of tooth decay, these minerals can be replaced and your tooth repaired in a process called remineralisation.

Dr. Heff’s mints use Xylitol as a sweetener instead of sugar to help remineralise your teeth. Xylitol has also been proven to fight tooth decay by neutralising plaque acids in the mouth and making it harder for the bacteria that cause decay to stick to your teeth.

Xylitol is an excellent base ingredient for Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints (5 of our mints contain 3.5 grams of Xylitol in total) because it is naturally sweet – helping our mints to taste great. However, we felt that on its own even Xylitol doesn’t do enough to protect your teeth, so we combined it with…

Natural peppermint oil

Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints use natural peppermint oil to help your mouth feel refreshed and to combat bad breath.

Minty science

Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints’ unique formulation of these key ingredients helps to protect and repair your teeth by reducing plaque and tooth erosion, and by increasing remineralisation.

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