Dr. Heff’s Unique Formula

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables that helps sugar-free mints and gums taste sweet. That’s why we use it as a key ingredient in Dr. Heff’s – just 5 of our mints contain 3.5 grams of Xylitol in total.

However, we felt that on its own Xylitol doesn’t do enough to protect your teeth, so we combined it with green tea extract, calcium phosphate and natural peppermint oil to create a totally unique formulation for Dr. Heff’s mints – that is scientifically proven to be better for your teeth than Xylitol alone.

Dr. Heff’s vs Xylitol: how our mints do more for your teeth

We wanted to prove that Dr. Heff’s unique formulation really was better for your teeth than using Xylitol alone. So we asked researchers at the Dental School of the University of Illinois (USA) to test Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints in the laboratory to see the effect our mints had on decay in tooth samples.

This scientific study found that exposure to Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints led to a significant reduction in the decay of the tooth samples in comparison with Xylitol and saliva, when all three were measured against sodium fluoride, which is considered the ‘gold standard’ by dentists.

The chart below shows how Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints performed significantly better than Xylitol and saliva in increasing remineralisation and decreasing tooth decay in tooth samples:

And the 3D images below graphically illustrate the extent to which Dr. Heff’s mints protected the tooth samples from decay.

These scientific studies conducted by the University of Illinois provide clear and compelling proof that Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints do more to protect and repair your teeth than Xylitol.

As you can see, using Dr. Heff’s mints really does make a difference!

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